behavioural_center2Employees need to have specific skills that enable them to face the demands of modern working life. Behaviors are recognized as a major contributor to peoples’ success in business. Organizations are gradually realizing that behavioral competence is highly important in order to realize and venture towards set goals. Ultimately, it is about how a manager uses his or her knowledge and experience; where does the connection lie with his or her ambition, motivation, and personality? All of these points are of essential importance.

Behavioral Skills Training is an effective training package that consists of instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback. Behavioral skills training enables individuals to learn skills and practice them. BRiX training courses address a wide variety of topics and aim to support participants to increase their understanding of their own behavior and the impact it has on others. The participants are then exposed to models, tools, techniques and ideas, which they can apply to their own situation.
All of our training courses are customized and designed according to the needs and objectives of the organization and its participant employees. All our courses are highly participative with a high emphasis on application and practice of learned skills. The aim of the training is to achieve a change in the behavior of the participants. Behavioral training is focused on the individual’s performance. At the end of a training course, each participant will receive a summary of recommendations in order to become even more successful in the future.

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