leaderMany a time a leader or manager is thrown into the deep end and left to swim without much training. The resilient among these may come up trumps through persistence, however, these days the pace at which businesses grow, nobody has the time to let resilience and persistence shape these leaders.

A well laid out training intervention will help you achieve this at a rapid pace, the additional benefit being the creation of a robust leadership pipeline.

Brix Leadership & Management programs focus on developing an authentic leader through:

  1. Personal Leadership Compass
  2. Personal Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Productivity
  3. Personal Connect for Better Engagement
  4. Aligning Individual Contribution to Collective Efforts
  5. Identifying and Grooming Successors

We use an array of tools that can help with aligning your leaders to achieve your organizational goals. Some of them are:

Personal Style Inventory (PSI) | Career Driver | Accountability and Ownership Continuum | Trust Inventory | Clifton Strengths Finder | DiSC

Our training programs offer you opportunities to acquire valuable knowledge and skills from renowned technical experts, and certification specialists We offer a wide range of courses to help you your work environment, BRiX can also develop programs to address the specific training needs of your business.

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